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Swanage Sailing Club is now closed due to latest government guidelines. Please see RYA guidelines at If you need to do essential maintenance or removal of your boat, please contact the Rear Commodore. We will update you when the situation changes.

Many Thanks

Phil Palmer
SSC Commodore

The new website is gradually having more content added. Please be patient!

For error reporting or improvements please email Simon Parvin


Latest news

Make best use of the website

To get the most out of the website, it is recommended that you always log in . Most of the content is only available if you do so. More »

Published 10:18 on 21 Feb 2021

Welcome to our all new website

Use the website to volunteer for, review, and swap duties, participate in polls, see crew wanted and crew available, sell your gear online, renew and review your membership, view and pay your bills, and book and pay for all social and other events. More »

Published 11:40 on 15 Feb 2021

Tuesday Night Zoom Sailing Training - 6th April 2021 More »

Published 14:10 on 10 Feb 2021

Upcoming events

Mar 21

11:00 - Boat Move and Beach Clean

Mar 28

11:00 - Sunday Spring Series » Race 1 of 9, & The Opener

Sunday morning race, with Dart 18, Handicap and ILCA (Laser)
Mar 28

12:30 - Sunday Bar & Galley

Bar and Galley, after Sunday Racing
Apr 1

18:30 - Thursday Spring Series » Race 1 of 8

Thursday Evening Race, with Dart 18, Handicap and ILCA (Laser)
Apr 1

19:30 - Thursday Bar & Galley

Apr 4

11:00 - Sunday Spring Series » Race 2 of 9

Sunday morning race, with Dart 18, Handicap and ILCA (Laser)

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